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Services (creditors)

The teaching team can configure creditors for each company (water, electricity, gas, telephone service, rent, etc.) that are automatically charged to the company's accounts.

The invoices for services can be customized to give more realism to the simulation.

Transport services

This service allows customers to contract the shipment of merchandise.

The company indicates the characteristics of the shipment (weight, volume, number of packages, destination, etc.) and the service shows us the corresponding cost. The delivery notes are generated, and on a weekly basis, the platform issues the invoice with all the transport services provided.

Company workers

The workers of the company are those people assigned to it. A worker can be in one or more departments throughout the academic year.

As a school can have several companies (at no additional cost), the students and a teaching team can be assigned to more than one company at the same time, increasing the responsibilities they must assume. Finally, there is the option of hiring fictitious workers: a useful system to give extra workload to Human Resources or Finance.

Document management

Document management is integrated within the same platform.

Each department has its own document manager, where students can post or link all the documents that they generate or think are necessary.

Virtual clientele and suppliers companies

The teaching team can configure the companies they need and assign them products, this allows students to manage the company's purchases. The supplying company issues the delivery note and the corresponding bank charge.

The The teaching team can configure the clientele that it needs, it can also carry out automatic order programming, so that the system sends the orders to the company to generate commercial activity.

Tasks and exercices

Each department has a system of tasks and subtasks for workers. Tasks throughout the course can be created and assigned by the teaching team, but also by students designated as department heads.

Students have assigned tasks that they can mark as completed. This evolution of the tasks can be evaluated and visualized in the activity reports. On the other hand, the exercises are a tool to reassign tasks to the students from one year to the next without having to recreate them, saving time for the entire teaching team..

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