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Services (creditors)

The teaching team can configure creditors for each company (water, electricity, gas, telephone service, rent, etc.) that are automatically charged to the company's accounts.

The invoices for services can be customized to give more realism to the simulation.

Transport services

This service allows customers to contract the shipment of merchandise.

The company indicates the characteristics of the shipment (weight, volume, number of packages, destination, etc.) and the service shows us the corresponding cost. Once requested, at the corresponding time of delivery, the transport service notifies the two companies (through the platform's mail system) that the delivery has been made successfully.

Weekly and automatically, the charge is made for the services provided the previous week.

Company workers

The workers of the company are those people assigned to it. A worker can be in one or more departments and can be rotated throughout the academic year.

As a school can have several companies (at no additional cost), a student/teacher can be assigned to more than one company at the same time, increasing the responsibilities it must assume. Finally, there is the option of hiring fictitious workers: a useful system to give extra workload to Human Resources or Finance.

Document management

Document management is integrated within the same platform, this makes it unnecessary to resort to external services such as Dropbox or Moodle.

Each department has its own document manager, where students can post or link all the documents that they generate or think are necessary.

In this case, in addition to optimizing time, it also optimizes the resources of the school since Empresaula is responsible for keeping these documents.

Virtual wholesalers and clients

They are companies controlled by the system. They allow students to buy raw materials or distributed products (in the case of wholesalers), or sell distributed products and manipulated products to customers. Wholesalers automatically make: order forms, delivery notes and charges to our company's bank.

Customers, based on the configuration made by the teaching team, place orders by sending emails to the sales department of the company and they can make transfers to our company automatically or they can be collected through a remittance. You can configure as many wholesalers or virtual clients as you want for each company.

Tasks and exercices

Each department has a system of tasks and subtasks for workers. Tasks throughout the course can be created and assigned by the teaching team, but also by students designated as department heads.

Students have assigned tasks that they can mark as completed. This evolution of the tasks can be evaluated and visualized in the activity reports. On the other hand, the exercises are a tool to reassign tasks to the students from one year to the next without having to recreate them, saving time for the entire teaching team..

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